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Poland has a nearly 1,000-year history, beautiful medieval architecture, evidence of the devastation of World War II, and castles and palaces scattered throughout the nation. However, this historic nation is also home to sizable national parks, mountains, lakes, and seemingly endless trails that wind through the unspoiled wilderness just waiting to be discovered by the tourists while on our cheap poland packages!   With its rise as Read More

Poland has a nearly 1,000-year history, beautiful medieval architecture, evidence of the devastation of World War II, and castles and palaces scattered throughout the nation.

However, this historic nation is also home to sizable national parks, mountains, lakes, and seemingly endless trails that wind through the unspoiled wilderness just waiting to be discovered by the tourists while on our cheap poland packages!


With its rise as a proud, sovereign nation in the post-communist era, Poland is renowned for its success story. Because of its stunning scenery, extensive history, active culture, and interesting historical sites, Poland is a well-known tourist destination in Europe with our Poland package holidays . In Poland, you may take in the coastline, the mountains, and a variety of other outdoor scenery on our all inclusive holidays to Poland. Some other well-liked Poland tourist attractions on our Poland holiday deals are the country's delectable food and Jewish heritage. Given the extensive history of the nation, you are sure to come across a number of magnificent architectural wonders from various periods and influences. All of this, together with the stunning natural beauty that Poland is known for (its mountain range, woods, and beaches), make it a place you really must see with our Poland holiday deals at least once in your lifetime.


The four main seasons are present in Poland's moderate environment throughout the year. The winter season, which lasts for over four months, is the longest. Although the country experiences wet and sunny summers, the best times to travel here with our cheap poland packages are in the spring and autumn. The unpredictable nature of the Polish weather, particularly when it comes to rain, is one unsettling aspect. Even in the spring, which is meant to be a rather dry season, you can most definitely get an hour of rain here and there.  Tourism has been heavily promoted in the nation ever since it joined the European Union in 2004—and it has been successful.


  • Peak Season: July-August
  • Off-Season: November-March
  • Shoulder Season: April-May and September-October


The most well-liked tourist destinations on our all inclusive holidays to Poland include Warsaw, Karkow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, and Szczecin, all of which provide a variety of attractions and activities on our all inclusive holidays to Poland. You may get a vivid insight into the nation's history through museums like the National Museum of Warsaw, the National Museum in Krakow, the Museum of the Second World War, and others. Similar to the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, the Old City of Zamosc, the Old Town in Warsaw, and the Historic Centre of Krakow are just a few of the wonderful historic buildings scattered around Poland which you can experience with our cheap Poland packages. Many of these are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which only serves to highlight how stunningly beautiful they are and how significant they are to both national and global history.


These locations will captivate your senses while you're exploring Poland on our Poland vacation packages, a fun-filled paradise. To find out which Akbar Travels Poland Travel packages are perfect you, look at this list!





Stunning Baltics End Warsaw

9 Days

₹ 1,03,530


Places to Visit in Poland with our cheap Poland packages


Krakow, one of Poland's oldest cities, was populated as early as the 7th century. Krakow's Old Town centre still sports its spectacular medieval architecture because the city avoided the majority of the WWII destruction that fell on other Polish cities. Both the Wavel Castle and the nearby Kazimierz historic district, popularly known as the Old Jewish Quarter, are included as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and on our all inclusive holidays to Poland!

Around 40 urban parks can be found in Krakow, including the 19th-century Planty Park, which is 21 hectares in size and surrounds the city centre in a green ring, and the Lasek Wolski forest, which provides hiking and biking trails in a sizable woodland area only a short distance from the city centre.

The National Art Collection at the Wawel, where visitors on our Poland holiday deals can also see historical furniture, a sizable collection of Flemish tapestries, the royal jewels, and a collection of weaponry and armour dating back to the 15th century, is one of Krakow's 28 museums and is a must-see on rainy days.

The Rynek Underground Museum offers an interesting, in-depth look at old Krakow and its streets. Major tourist destinations and activities can be found outside of the city and are frequently visited on day trips while on our cheap package holidays to Poland. The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps, Wieliczka, the oldest operating salt mine in the world, and the Tatra Mountains and national park are noteworthy attractions on our Poland Trip packages!



After World War II, the capital of Poland was left in ruins; nearly 85% of its structures had been either deliberately destroyed by Nazi forces or reduced to ashes. The city started a tremendous endeavour to rebuild its historic centre utilising the original designs as soon as the war was over. As a result, the merchant homes from the Baroque and Renaissance periods that you can see now are exact copies of the originals.

Despite the fact that over 60 institutions still call the city home, WWII unfortunately resulted in the loss of treasures housed in palaces and museums. The only poster museum in the world, a WWII Warsaw Uprising museum, a neon museum, and a museum of caricature are among the odd options available in Warsaw in addition to the art and history museums which you can experience with our Poland holiday deals!

The National Museum, which documents the history of the city, is also home to Poland's biggest collection of artworks, including several pieces that were once part of Adolf Hitler's personal collection.

The formal gardens at Lazienki Palace more than make up for Warsaw's lack of parks compared to Krakow's. The planetarium, an outdoor theatre, pavilions, and other amenities can be found inside this 18th-century palace, which is encircled by 76 hectares of urban forest.

Walk down Krakowskie Przedmiescie while visiting here on our all inclusive holidays to Poland, Warsaw's best architectural street, for a very different outdoor experience. The Presidential Palace, the Polish Academy of Sciences, historic homes, and monuments are all nearby and easy to visit with our cheap Poland packages!


3.Beach along the Vistula River

In the centre of Warsaw, the Vistula serves as a zone for entertainment and leisure pursuits. With its brilliant colours and enchanted ambiance, the seashore, natural grasslands, and numerous native bird species make this location on our Poland travel packages a fantastic spot to unwind in the city. The most picturesque location in Poland on our cheap breaks to Poland is without a doubt this one!


4.Mountains of Tatra

Although Slovakia controls the majority of the mountain range, Poland and Slovakia are naturally divided by the Tatra Mountains and National Park. Since there are no longer any borders separating the EU's member states, hiking between them with our all inclusive holidays to Poland packages is now simple! There are more than 270 kilometres of hiking routes on the park's Polish side for you to experience while here on our cheap Poland packages!

The Polish Tatras contain Rysy, Poland's highest mountain. It is the highest Tatras summit in either country that may be climbed without a park guide, rising to 2,500 metres. More than 600 caverns can be found in the park, with Wielka Sniezna's limestone cave system being the longest (23 kilometres) and deepest (824 metres).

There are mountain lakes, streams, and waterfalls in the Tatras. The largest lake in the park is Morskie Oko Lake. It is located deep inside the park and is only accessible after a two-hour walk across hills and a dense Swiss pine forest. All this can be easier for you to explore with our all inclusive holidays to Poland.



Wroclaw hasn't always been a Polish city; over the years, it has belonged to the Kingdom of Bohemia, Prussia, and even Germany. Wroclaw has only been formally a part of Poland since 1945, when the end of World War II altered several of the European continent's borderlines.

A nice site to go to learn more about the history of the city with our Poland holiday deals is the Lubomirski Museum, which covers events related to WWII as well as the Nazi and Soviet invasions of the city. With a chronology of Wroclaw spanning the last one thousand years, the Wroclaw City Museum completes that history.

The 13th-century Main Market Square, home to St. Elizabeth's Church and the Old Town Hall, is the oldest part of Wroclaw on our Poland holiday deals! The Pan Tadeusz Museum, which has multimedia exhibitions about Polish traditions, is only a short distance away.

In the summer, tourists on our Poland vacation packages can ride open-top vintage buses to go around the city. Over 350 miniature bronze elf figures can be found hidden around corners, on sidewalks and on lampposts across Wroclaw. Those visiting the city on foot with our cheap Poland packages can look for these dwarfs.


6.The Royal Palace

The Historical Museum of Wroclaw is housed in the Royal Palace and demonstrates the historical customs of the city with engaging exhibits like Wroclaw's Millennium. This palace is one to visit in Poland on our Poland holiday deals because of the garden in the Baroque style and the royal suites!


7.Salt Mine of Wieliczka

Wieliczka Salt Mine, another UNESCO monument, has been operating since the middle ages and may be explored with our Poland trip packages in its entirety in about two hours. This mine has several stairs and descends as far as 140 feet below earth, both of which will aid in calorie burning. Some visitors on our cheap poland packages claim that passing through this breathtaking location feels like moving closer to the centre of the planet!


8.Ostrów Tumski

This beautiful island is one of Wroclaw's oldest neighbourhoods. This island included in our Poland package holidays, which is bordered by the River Oder, is home to numerous notable structures, including the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist (which was reconstructed following World War II), the Holy Cross, and Saint Bartholomew's Collegiate. The architecture in the area is amazing. Be enchanted by these beautiful, old structures.


9.Reserve Forest Bialowieza

The Bialowieza Forest Reserve has unquestionably earned its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the greatest remaining portion of the ancient forest in Europe that originally covered much of the continent. The forest, which straddles the border between Poland and Belarus, is more than 1,400 square kilometres in size and features a hiking-friendly border crossing. Experience this breathtaking side of Poland with our cheap Poland packages!

Bialowieza is a haven for birdwatchers, and enthusiasts can join excursions led by local ornithologists, but bison and other huge species also call the forest home.

The open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture, which features windmills, wooden homes, a little wood chapel, a barn, and even a banya (sauna), is located inside the forest, along with the small settlement of Bialowieza which is also included in our Poland holiday deals!


8. Ojcow

The entrance to Ojcow National Park is in the tiny settlement of Ojcow, which is located only 16 kilometres outside of Krakow. Ojcow, the smallest national park in Poland, has two river basins, more than 400 caverns, and towering limestone cliffs. The park is home to more than 500 different species of butterflies, which in the spring and summer cover the pathways and flower-filled valleys and are a sight to behold. All of this is included in our Poland package holidays for you to enjoy!

The Renaissance castle at Pieskowa Skala and the ruins of a Gothic castle, both of which are located inside the park's boundaries, are connected by Poland's most well-known tourism and hiking trail, the Trail of the Eagles' Nests, which links 25 castles and watchtowers. The park also houses two museums also included in our all inclusive holidays to Poland, one of which is a division of the National Art Collection.



Poland's principal seaport is located in the historic city of Gdansk, which is situated directly on a bay of the Baltic Sea included on our cheap breaks to Poland. The majority of the city's historic district, also known as the Royal Route, dates to the 17th century and has been exquisitely conserved. The City Gates, the Prison Tower, and a number of merchant homes are some of the prominent buildings in this area on our cheap package holidays to Poland.

St. Mary's, the largest brick church in the world, the star-shaped Wisloujscie Fortress, and the Gdansk Nowy Port Lighthouse are all located in Gdansk and included in our cheap Poland package deals!

Despite not being directly impacted by the war, Gdansk is home to one of the top history museums in the nation.


10.Village of Zalipie

The folkloric flower murals that adorn nearly every structure in the little village of Zalipie on our all inclusive holidays to Poland are its most distinctive feature. This custom was first practised more than a century ago by local women who decorated soiled surfaces with vibrant patterns using a powdered dye and milk mixture.

Today, nearly every house, barn, fence, and even Saint Joseph's Church are painted in this manner. Many internal areas, such as walls and furniture, are also painted in this manner.

The House of the Women Painters is arguably the most beautiful of the many adorned houses. Felicja Curylowa, a Zalipie-born painter from the early 20th century, lived in the structure, which has been transformed into a folk museum. Her entire home, both inside and out, is covered in paintings of flowers. Visitors to the museum on our Poland holiday deals even have the opportunity to try their hand at painting flowers while learning about the tradition's history!



The history of Torun, one of Poland's oldest cities included on our Poland vacation packages, dates back to the eighth century. The city's mediaeval Central Market, as well as its numerous Gothic homes and wood-beam 16th-century structures, are still surviving since Torun wasn't bombed or destroyed during World War II.

The astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in one of these homes, which has since been turned into a museum showcasing the scientist's life and contributions. The other must-see attraction in the area with our Poland holiday deals is Muzeum Piernika, which is devoted to a Polish speciality of gingerbread and offers hands-on baking opportunities for guests.

It's a terrific place to explore on foot, getting lost in small lanes to discover the architecture and personality of the neighbourhood. The entire Old Quarter area has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site which you can now experience with our Poland package holidays!

This is the site of Torun's 13th-century Teutonic fortress, which is mostly in ruins save for the sewerage tower and cellars and a neighbouring watermill.


12.Usedom Island

This Baltic Sea island included in our cheap package holidays to Poland has been partitioned officially between Poland and Germany since 1945. Usedom, known as "the sun island" due to the number of hours of sunshine it receives annually, is a well-liked vacation spot on our package deals to Poland for both nations.

The island's main draws are its soft, white beaches, seaside resorts, and abundance of summertime sports and activities, but it also has a private botanical garden that is only open in the summer, the ruins of the Karnin Lift railway bridge, which Germany now recognises as a Historic Symbol of Engineering, and the Dannenfeldt Mausoleum and cemetery.

Around the island are lakes, natural areas, and well-kept gardens for you to see with our package trip to Poland.



Bialystok will appeal to those on our all inclusive holidays to Poland who enjoy both history and architecture because of its many beautiful old buildings. One of the most beautiful buildings in the city is Branicki Palace, which was constructed by a wealthy Polish-Lithuanian statesman who once had aspirations of ruling Poland. However, the smaller Hasbach's Palace is also well worth a visit with our Poland holiday deals!

Be sure to stroll around Kociuszko Market Square while on our Poland vacation packages, which is bordered by exquisitely detailed townhouses, numerous inviting cafés, and the Podlachian Museum, which is mostly devoted to Polish paintings and art.

On a beautiful day, stroll down Lipowa Street, which was almost entirely destroyed during World War II but has since been renovated to be a wonderful location to see boutique stores and historically significant structures.

The Historical Museum, a division of the Podlachian Museum, is a fascinating stop on our package deals to Poland to view what a wealthy 19th-century bourgeois home might have looked like, replete with authentic furniture and items from the era.

Over 40 traditional wooden structures, including windmills and a lumberjack's house, can be found at the outdoor Podlachian Museum of Folk Culture, along with items like carriages used for rural transportation, forestry tools and children's toys. Explore this history with our cheap Poland packages now!



Wintertime travellers can flock to this mountain spa town with our Poland package holiday to enjoy skiing on the well-known Mount Nieka. Karpacz, often referred to as the "winter capital of Poland," is also a fantastic place for snowboarding, ski jumping, and winter trekking.

Many paths are available in the adjacent Karkonosze National Park in the warmer months.

The 13th-century Lutheran Wang Chapel, which was constructed completely of wood without the use of nails, is the town's primary structure included in our package trip to Poland. There are also several museums, such as the Museum of Sports and Tourism, which explores the history of the region, the Museum of Toys, and the unusual World of Trains, which houses a sizable collection of railroad model trains. All of these museums are included in our all inclusive holidays to Poland for you to have an unforgettable experience!



One of Poland's top beach vacation spots on our cheap breaks to Poland packages is the little hamlet of Leba. Leba maintains its laid-back atmosphere despite being crowded and packed with tourists in the summer. The region's main attractions are the gently sloping sand dunes and the gentle waves which are all included in our package deals to Poland!

There are approximately 140 kilometres of hiking trails in the vicinity and horseback riding for those who want to do more than just relax and soak up the sun while exploring on our Poland holiday deals.

Slowinski National Park has 32 kilometres of coastline and is home to "moving dunes," which are transported by the wind and can shift up to 10 metres annually. It is a beautiful sight and a popular destination for tourists on our all inclusive holidays to Poland packages! Additionally, there are pine forests, peat bogs, and excellent opportunities for bird viewing can be found here with our Poland travel packages!


16.Mountains of Bieszczady

The Bieszczady Mountains are a vast range that reaches as far as Slovakia and Ukraine. Their polonyna, a type of mountain meadow included in our all inclusive holidays to Poland that is only found in the Carpathians, makes them special. The valleys and meadows are ideal for trekking because they gently slope up and down rather than being overly steep.

One of the most well-known meadow routes, Polonyna Wetlinska, has a summit elevation of 1,255 metres. It is a charming, easy climb that shouldn't take more than two hours. If you want to extend your journey with our cheap holiday to poland deals, a modest guest house at the summit of the mountain range provides snacks and drinks as well as a cosy bed.

The East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, which is home to brown bears, wolves, and bison and is primarily covered by beech forest, includes a sizable portion of the Bieszczady Mountains which is included in our Poland package holidays!


17.National Park Tatra

Tatra National Park, which is situated in southcentral Poland, is the perfect destination for tourists on our package deals to Poland seeking picturesque beauty! The Tatra Mountains national park, which was established in 1954, is primarily made up of forests, meadows, and many rock formations.

Six of the 650 caves in the park are accessible to the public, making them great for spelunking. Along with the 70-meter-high (230-foot) Wielka Siklawa waterfall, the park also has more than 30 alpine lakes.

Tatra, Poland's most popular national park, has 270 km (170 miles) of hiking paths that will enthral hikers. In the neighbouring region of Slovakia, there is a comparable national park that goes by the name Tatra National Park.Experience this magical place by booking with us at Akbar Travels only where we curate the best deals for your Trip to Poland with our Poland holiday deals!



Poznan, long recognised as an academic hub and home to Poland's third-largest university, may be of interest to student travellers hoping to connect with their Polish counterparts. The Malta International Theatre Festival, which takes place every summer, is only one of the many international events on our all inclusive holidays to Poland that the city regularly hosts.

By strolling the Royal-Imperial Route, a path designed specifically for tourists on our cheap package holidays to Poland, major sites are easily reachable. A trip to Malta's man-made lake, which has a ski slope, ice rink, and swimming pools, is fun for athletes.


Food To Try In Poland While On Our Poland Package Holiday

The greatest way to experience Polish cuisine while on our all inclusive holiday to Poland is to travel to the nation and eat at some of its many cafés, restaurants, milk bars, and street food vendors! Even if most people won't have the choice of travelling here for a time, it's always a good idea to be ready and plan with Akbar Travels!


  1. Zurek

Although zurek may at first glance appear to be just another common fermented rye soup, in Poland, it is considered something of a national treasure and is a must try item while on our Poland package holidays!

The most well-known version of the dish, though there are several regional variations, includes sour rye flour, potatoes, a tonne of veggies, and a lot of meat.


  1. Flaki

Although flaki, a famous beef tripe soup in Poland, may not seem particularly enticing, it is incredibly important to the nation.

Flaki not only demonstrates the edible cow stomach lining can be a tasty element of a meal if prepared properly, it also provides some insight into the traditional Polish cooking style. Experience traditional food of Poland only with us by booking the deals on our cheap Poland packages!


  1. Bigos

Bigos, one of Poland's most popular dishes, is made up of three different components. The first is sauerkraut, which is best when it has been aged a long time.

At the exceptional Stol na Szwedzkiej in Wroclaw, where there is no menu and only four tables, challenge the cook to prepare you the best bigos for extra fun while in Poland on our Poland package holidays!


  1. Pierogi

Without a doubt, Poland's most well-known and basic comfort dish is the pierogi which you have to try while on our cheap breaks to Poland package!

However, once you've had one of these delectable stuffed dumplings, you're probably going to want more.


  1. St. Martin’s croissant

Few foods can boast of having unique legal protection that forbids production anywhere other than the authorised location.

St. Martin's croissants are legendary among Polish foods, and in 2008, the European Union included this delectable horseshoe-shaped croissant with a white poppy seed filling to the list of protected traditional specialties included in our cheap package holidays to Poland!

One of Poznan's most recognisable culinary icons, the decadent dessert has roots in the 19th century and comes from the western city. The Poznan's Croissant Museum and Experience offers visitors on our all inclusive holidays to Poland the chance to both learn about the history of the St. Martin's croissant and sample one!


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