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Lack knowledge about Romania beyond its fondness of stuffed cabbage leaves and Dracula? We understand. We're going to introduce you to some of Romania's Best Tourist Attractions and best Romania holiday deals to persuade you to put this amazing nation at the top of your travel wish list with us here at Akbar Travels! This hilly country offers a storybook environment, fortified churches, and painted monasteries, among other things. Romania Read More

Lack knowledge about Romania beyond its fondness of stuffed cabbage leaves and Dracula? We understand. We're going to introduce you to some of Romania's Best Tourist Attractions and best Romania holiday deals to persuade you to put this amazing nation at the top of your travel wish list with us here at Akbar Travels! This hilly country offers a storybook environment, fortified churches, and painted monasteries, among other things. Romania is an undiscovered treasure of Eastern Europe, providing travellers while on our Romania holiday packages a fascinating past, breathtaking natural scenery, and a thriving cultural life. Admire the painted monasteries of Bucovina as you tour the nation's mediaeval castles, including the fabled Bran Castle. Try the varied cuisine, which ranges from hearty stews to sweet sweets, and the local wine. The Carpathian Mountains, the Danube Delta, and the Black Sea Coast are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone looking for an off-the-beaten-path holiday must go to Romania with our escorted tours to romania!

A powerful, enigmatic nation full of contrasts, with bustling western cities and villages that seem to be caught in a delightfully nostalgic time warp. Dacians control the traffic here, and the wolves and bears that live in the Carpathian Mountains are protected by thick, prehistoric woods.

There is so much to learn about this place, so reserve your ticket with us at as soon as possible, and start making your plans by booking the best Romania holiday deals! Here are some of theRomania travel package deals we offer for your trip to Romania:

April through October are the best months to travel to Romania with our Romania holiday packages since the weather is ideal for exploring the Transylvanian countryside and major cities like Bucharest. The weather is perfect for cultural excursions to the churches, castles, and other Romanian attractions in the spring and autumn, which also provide stunning vistas of the region covered in castles.


In Bulgaria and Romania, the summers are hot and crowded. Romania's central region is a hive of activity from June through August. The best time to visit important cultural destinations like Sibiu and Targu Mures with our Romania holiday packages is at this time! In the winter, the Balkans and Romania experience cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. The terrible weather does not provide the best time to visit Romania, despite the allure that visiting the castles and historic cities produces. Things to Consider: First of all, because of the unpredictable nature of the weather, it's wise to pack clothes and be ready for rain. Despite the fact that Romania is typically safe, it's a good idea to take some simple security measures, such as avoiding remote regions and watching over your possessions in popular places. Third, if you want to tour more rural regions, it's a good idea to rent a car or hire a private driver which you can get more information on once you book our all inclusive holidays to Romania package because public transport can be scarce in some places. Finally, make sure to sample the great and varied local cuisine.


Places to visit in Romania with our Romania holiday packages

  1. Brasov

At the foot of the Carpathians, explore a mediaeval village that has survived the test of time. Of course, stay in one of Brasov's exquisite hotels with our Romania tour packages! Brasov, Romania's seventh-largest city, was founded in 1211 as a result of King Andrew II of Hungary's order for the Teutonic Knights to fortify the country's frontiers at the time.Even though the knights of old are long gone, Brasov was able to expand because of its position as an important crossroads for trade between the East and the West. Attractions like the Black Church, the largest gothic structure between Vienna and Istanbul, can be found in Brasov today together with other intriguing historical sites. You canexperience all of this with our Romania trip package!


  1. Râșnov Citadel

Ascend to one of Europe's best-preserved citadels with our cheap package holidays to Romania, which continues to keep a wary eye on the plains below. Râşnov Citadel, an imposing mountain fort constructed to guard the frontiers of the old Hungarian empire, has a rich and fascinating past that begs to be discovered. Because invading armies had to pass through Râşnov before moving west, its site at the mouth of the Bran Pass was chosen. Over the years, it has been besieged by various groups, including the Tatar, Ottoman, Hungarian, and Austrian imperial troops. It should therefore come as no surprise that the inhabitants of Râşnov and the nearby villages grew weary of constantly having to leave their homes to be pillaged and instead chose to make the Râşnov Citadel their permanent residence for decades, leaving an entire village within the fortification to explore. You can experience the history itself with our Romania trip package! A museum with interesting exhibits, such as weapons and historical artefacts, is well worth visiting while on our all inclusive holidays to Romania!


  1. Peștera Valea Cetății

Climb into a sizable limestone cave that time and water have carved out beneath the mountains. The jaw-dropping Cathedral Hall included on our Romania tour packages, which is accessible after a brief walk through an old forest, stands out among the remarkable beauty of the Valea Cetăţii Cave and its surrounding natural protected area. Small water ponds within this 30,000 cubic metre cave precisely replicate the amazing calcite formations and white arches that dangle from the ceiling. A unique opportunity to go close to these natural geological formations without having to go on an uncomfortable abseiling excursion like in many other places. The Valea Cetăţii Cave is conveniently close to the city of Râşnov, but for some reason, foreign tourists have not yet learned about it. This means that anyone who visits this mysterious location will have a richer experience. And we guarantee you that we will curate the best deals on our Romania tour packages for you to experience it all!


  1. Bran Castle

One of Romania's most well-known fortresses was built in 1212 but was quickly destroyed by Mongols in 1242. Over the years, it was repeatedly rebuilt and demolished before assuming the dramatic shape we see today in the 14th century. Frequently referred to as "The Real Dracula's Castle" outside of Romania It's widely claimed that Bran Castle served as the model for Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's well-known novel. However, the impeccably maintained Bran Castle shows absolutely no relation to the description of Dracula's collapsing fictitious Castle, and there are only shaky connections with Vlad the Impaler, who is thought to have served as Dracula's model. In reality, there is absolutely no proof that Bram Stoker knew this castle even existed. However, the Communist Party of Romania exploited this group to promote tourism in the 1970s as part of their efforts to forge stronger ties with the West. The private proprietors of Bran Castle are happy to continue highlighting this to draw tourists. Despite this, Bran Castle should not be missed while on our Romania vacation packages and on any Romanian road trip due to its stunning mediaeval architecture, rich history, and well-stocked museum featuring Queen Marie's collection of art and furniture. It's also worth visiting a beautiful little open-air museum that showcases traditional peasant buildings like houses and barns from Romania. Looking for the greatest movie to watch before your Romania trip with our travel packages to Romania? Dracula, a 1991 film starring Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder and based on the legend of the Prince of Darkness, tells the troubled story of a charming vampire.


  1. Bucharest

Bucharest is not only the capital of Romania, but it is also the largest city there on our all inclusive holidays to Romania. According to statistics, by the year 2050, Bucharest will be the richest city in all of Europe. The picturesque city of Bucharest, which is located on the Dâmbovița River, has a lot to offer visitors on our Romania holiday packages! The National Museum of Romanian History, the Romanian Athenaeum, and the city's most illustrious music venue are a few of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Bucharest on our Romania tour packages. Due to the similarity of the capitals' architecture and Art Nouveau palaces, they were known as the "Paris of the East" before World War II. Visit the Arc de Triomphe, the lovely gardens, or the charming lanes lined with eateries if you want to get a sense of this area of the city while on our holidays in Romania all inclusive packages! The largest Parliament building in the world, the Palace of Parliament, is also located in the city centre. Over 1,000 rooms make up the structure, and guided tours are offered. You won't be let down if you decide to visit Bucharest. It should be at the top of youragenda while here on our Romania vacation packages because it is one of the best sites to see in Romania!

    Palace Of The Parliament

The Palace of the Parliament also included in our travel packages to Romania, located in Bucharest, is where the Romanian Parliament currently meets. This monumental work of socialist realist and modernist neoclassical architecture, which was constructed over a 13-year period between 1984 and 1997, was commissioned by Nicolae Ceaușescu, the communist country's dictator, and created by a group of some 700 architects. It continues to be the largest civilian administration building in the world as well as the heaviest and most expensive structure.


  1. Transfăgărășan Highway

Driving the Transfăgărășan Highway is a necessity if you're planning a road trip in Romania with our Romania tour packages. One of the best road journeys in the world is considered to be this one! The Transfăgărășan Highway is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in Romania on our all inclusive holidays to Romania, largely because of a particular Top Gear episode. No other road on earth is like it! This paved mountain road, which crosses the southern part of the Carpathian Mountains, was built in the early 1970s as a strategic military route (in the event of a Soviet invasion). At the time, it was deemed impossible to build due to the region's harsh alpine climate. It turns out that it was doable, but creating it cost a lot of money and people, including hundreds of lives and more than six million kilograms of dynamite. Even now, the Transfăgărășan can only be travelled on during the summer, and the typical speed limit is 40 km/h. Expect a lot of twisting roads, abrupt hairpin turns, lengthy S-curves and rapid descents. However, this may be what draws many drivers, including Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson, who dubbed it the "best road in the world." Others are drawn by the breathtaking scenery and fascinating history. Whatever your passion, the Transfăgărăşan won't let you down.


  1. Corvin Castle

The Corvin Castle, a Gothic-Renaissance masterpiece that was worth the wait, was first built in the 14th century and had its fourth and last phase of development completed in the 19th century. Due in significant part to a recent (fancifully) restoration effort after a catastrophic fire and decades of neglect, it has withstood the test of time and is currently among the largest castles in Europe which is included in our cheap package holidays to Romania! Corvin Castle nevertheless provides a stunning appeal from its fairytale perch atop a rocky bluff connected by just a small bridge for access, while being surrounded by contemporary steel mills and industrial structures. Some tales link Corvin Castle to Vlad the Impaler, as they do with nearly every castle in Romania, but despite this, Corvin Castle is one of the best sites to visit in Romania with our Romania holiday packages thanks to its beautiful construction and countless halls and courtyards to explore!


  1. Lacul Roșu (Red Lake)

A sizable lake created by a natural dam after the 1838 earthquake. Today, the Red Lake region and its environs are renowned for their mild microclimate, which promotes health tourism. It is claimed that this place may help with anything from insomnia and neurasthenia to physical and mental weariness. Given that many of the valley's visitors are fleeing the congested and dirty air of Bucharest, the valley's clean air is probably conducive to relaxation. In either case, this peaceful area included in our all inclusive holidays to Romania, is well worth spending a few days exploring if you have the time, since it gives you a chance to see Romania as the locals do!


  1. Sibiu

The ancient city of Sibiu, one of Romania's most significant artistic hubs today, has effectively reimagined itself as a comfortable home for beatnik artists and people who want Bucharest's culture without its fast-paced lifestyle (and vast traffic jams). Enjoy the city's expanding coffee culture, stroll through historical squares, discover art in baroque palaces, or be inspired by the locals' unrestrained inventiveness while here on our Romania trip package! It is understandable that Sibiu, a modern city that blends ancient and new Romania, is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in the nation and on our Romania tour packages. Plan to stay for at least a few days to experience the highlights, or use it as an excellent starting point for touring the Transylvanian region nearby while traveling here with our Romania holiday deals!


  1. Pelisor Castle and Peles Castles

King Carol I, who oversaw the country's independence and was responsible for its construction between 1873 and 1914, gave the order after visiting the nearby town of Sinaia and falling in love with the breathtaking mountain beauty. First came the larger Neo-Renaissance Peleș Castle, then came Pelisor Castle, a magnificent example of the Art Nouveau style blended with Byzantine and Celtic characteristics. Following King Michael's forced abdication and flight from the communist regime in 1947, Peleș Castle was declared a national monument. In 1997, it was given back to the Royal Family along with a number of other assets. However, it was the focus of a lengthy legal dispute at the time. Both are now open to the public on our all inclusive holidays to Romania through onsite museums, and the erstwhile royal family also uses them occasionally for special events. Interestingly, half of the population in Romania believes that monarchy is a superior organisational form than a republic, making it one of the few nations in the world that is actively exploring restoring its monarchy. The Royal house is currently very well-liked in this country but holds no official positions. That shouldn't stop Pelisor Castle from being one of the top tourist destinations in Romania, on our Romania vacation packages!


  1. Zărnești LiBEARty Bear Sanctuary

Visitors on our Romania holiday packages can now visit a stunning bear sanctuary that was previously closed off in the ancient oak trees above the Transylvanian town of Zarnesti. A Romanian woman named Cristina Lapis started the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti in 1998 after she saw three bears being used as an advertising tool in a small cage in a restaurant. Sadly, this practise was all too common in the past. Then she decided to make it her personal goal to rescue bears that were suffering in tiny, rusting cages at restaurants and gas stations and to construct a sanctuary for them. Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti was founded as a result. Only accessible in the mornings, onsite guides show you through the sanctuary while sharing each bear's life story and providing a rare opportunity to see more than 50 rescued bears. Be cautious. Although some of their stories are quite sad, giving to this shelter enables us to make sure that the rest of their lives are as tranquil as possible.


  1. Curtea de Argeș Monastery

This Romanian Orthodox cathedral, which was constructed in the early 16th century and is devoted to the Dormition of the Mother of God, is recognised as one of the most important places of worship in Romania on our escorted tours to Romania. The cathedral's exterior was made of soft grey limestone, and its interior is brick, adorned in beautiful murals. Because it was built with a lot of marble and tiles from Constantinople, Curtea de Argeş Cathedral seems more like a mosque than a traditional Orthodox church. The location also features an opulent Royal Palace in Neo-Romanian style and a necropolis, which served as the final resting place for many mediaeval princes and members of the royal family throughout the ages, most notably King Michael I in 2017, who was given a full state funeral.


  1. The Middle Of Romania

So we won't state that this is one of the top Romanian tourist destinations on our cheap Romania holidays, but if you're travelling by car, chances are that you'll pass close by, so why not stop? There is a small sign to designate the location, which is completely hidden, and there is magnificent scenery all around. There won't be a single other tourist or person nearby for miles, and we'll bet you a decent dinner on it. The closest significant town in Romania is probably Sighişoara, but you should still mark the location on the map because you never know when you'll be around. After all, it's all a part of the adventure!


  1. Densus Church

Another eccentric location for individuals unsure of what to do in Romania on our all inclusive holidays to Romania to avoid the crowds of visitors. The mishmash of architectural forms evident here, including Byzantine architecture combined with Roman columns, makes sense given the legend that the Densus Church began as a Roman pagan temple in the 4th century. The significance of this church's history was realised as early as the Hungarian Empire, which is evidenced by the fact that Densus Church was given customary protection. This prevented it from being destroyed to make way for a larger, more opulent church, which was customary at the time. Religious services are being frequently held here as they have done for more than 700 years even today.


  1. Praid Salt Mines

Romania is home to salt mines, in addition to mountain passes, castles, and mediaeval villages. And boy, are they well-liked—in large part because of the distinct microclimate that is thought to benefit in the treatment of many disorders. The Praid Salt Mine, one of Romania's major salt reserves, is among the most well-known on our Romania travel packages! Take one of their shuttle buses and go to "Level 50" -- 120 metres deep- where you will discover, essentially a little underground village. It's strange. Odd in a major way. We adore the Praid Salt Mines because of this. Although the salt resources here have been used since the Roman era, their current offering is a little different. In the summer, about 3000 people visit each day, and the average annual underground temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. Yes, Praid Salt Mines is extremely well-liked, and after visiting with our Romania trip package deals, you will understand why. Nearly nothing else compares to it.



  1. Saschiz

Saschiz literally stands out among the other seven Transylvanian villages on our all inclusive holidays to Romania with fortified churches that are protected by UNESCO. Even amid this illustrious group, the church's sheer scale guarantees that it draws notice, and it is worth a visit while here on our cheap package holidays to Romania just to behold its enormous arches, prodigious buttresses, and ornate stone and brick features. This massive defensive bastion, which is situated not far from Sighisoara, is another reason to travel to Saschiz with our Romania holiday deals. The town is renowned for being a centre for wood painting and carpentry. Spend some time checking out the artisan shops, strolling the cobblestone streets, and admiring the charming view of the hamlet from the hill above. Also, try some of the local cheese.


  1. Scărişoara Glacier Cave

The largest underground glacier in Romania and the second largest in Southeast Europe may be found in Scărişoara Ice Cave, which is included on our last minute Romania holidays package! It is regarded as one of Romania's natural wonders, and Austrian geographer Arnold Schmidl first wrote about it in 1863. When this region was buried in glaciers some 3,500 years ago, the Scărişoara Ice Cave is said to have formed. Even more intriguing is the fact that, while being first reported in 1863, the cave's exact discovery date by humans is unclear, suggesting that it may have been made centuries earlier. Only some areas of the cave, such as the Big Hall, the Church, and the entrance shaft, are accessible to tourists on our Romania tour package. The others are only accessible to the scientists.


  1. Cluj-Napoca

With a sizable student population, Cluj-Napoca, the unofficial "capital" of Transylvania, boasts an artistic ambience, a quiet nightlife, and some of the most popular electronic music events in Europe. You can experience this all by booking the best deals on our all inclusive holidays to Romania! The second-largest city in Romania is also endowed with an abundance of buildings, mostly in the Renaissance, Baroque, and Gothic styles, as well as a wonderful collection of mid-century modern structures that make exploring its neighbourhoods even more appealing. Compared to other Romanian cities, there are fewer patches of functional Communist-era architecture. A vibrant location deserving of at least a few days' worth of exploration is created by adding these features to the bustling old town, serene green spaces, chic cafes, and extensive list of cultural organisations. Don't be one of the travellers that regrets not spending enough time in Cluj-Napoca exploring it properly.


  1. Borgo Pass

For the record, the pass is formally referred to as the Tihuţa Pass; yet, despite its literary claim to fame, its inherent brilliance should not be discounted. The pass, which rises to aheight of 1,116 metres, offers magnificent unobstructed views of the Carpathian mountains and the mediaeval settlements that dot the surrounding mountainside. In the pass is also the Hotel "Castel Dracula," which was constructed in 1974 in the guise of a mediaeval castle and is a favourite place for true fans of Romania's most well-known book to spend the night with our Romania trip packages!


  1. TransRarau Pass

Another stunning high-altitude alpine road in Romania that crosses the Rarau Mountains is called TransRarau. Known as Romania's third most beautiful route, although in all honesty, we gave up trying to rank the passes because they are all so wonderful. Take them all along on your road vacation while in Romania with our best Romania holiday deals! This crossing, which connects the villages of Chiril and Pojorata, is 26 km long, rises to a height of 1,400m, and is also known as Treasure Road or, more simply, DJ175B. The road used to be small and full of potholes, but it was recently repaved at great expense, providing a smooth drive for you. Just be mindful of the curves! The entire route is full of jaw-dropping landscapes which you can experience while on our escorted tours to Romania, albeit frustratingly there is a clear scarcity of parking spaces to enjoy them. The pass is much less well-known than any other Romanian mountain passes we visited. The 'Lady's Stones,' a well-known natural rock monument with instantly recognisable silhouettes, is one location, nevertheless, where you will want to stop for a snapshot. Fortunately, there are a few secure parking spaces nearby.


  1. Constanta Casino

The most recent and contemporary incarnation of the now-defunct casino included in our all inclusive holidays to Romania was constructed in the Art Nouveau style and opened in 1910. It was formerly referred to as Romania's Monte Carlo and a symbol of the city of Constanța. It ran for 38 years, interrupted by bombs during the wars, before being taken over by the Communist government in 1948. Due to high operating costs, it was abandoned in 1990 but has remained an eerie sight along the waterfront ever since. Over the course of the year, a number of concepts for its redevelopment have been presented, but due to ongoing legal disputes and political fervour, none of them have ever advanced past the planning stage.


  1. Bâlea Lake

Bâlea Lake is a gorgeous, must-see landmark in Romania with our Romania tour packages and yet another of the country's incredible natural beauties, despite the fact that it may be a bit too chilly for swimming. The Transylvanian Alps, also known as the Făgăraş Mountains, have a glacier lake that is situated 2,034 metres above sea level. Although you'll pass it if you use the TransFăgăraş Highway due to its location in the Făgăraş Mountains, Bâlea Lake is deserving of a spot on this list all on its own. The lake is near a ski resort in the winter, but in the summer it makes for a fantastic hiking location. There are a few hikes, but our favourite is the spectacular 10-kilometre trail from Bâlea Lake to Bâlea Waterfall, which is also included in our all inclusive holidays to Romania package! Before you go outside, make sure you have the appropriate equipment and have checked the weather. Or you may just pack a picnic lunch and take in the tranquillity without having to push yourself.


  1. Jina

Jina is a little commune in Sibiu County included in our city break last minute Romania packages, only 40 kilometres to the west of Sibiu, the county seat, and is located at the edge of the Cindrel Mountains, with vast countryside below. Although this city isn't particularly remarkable, its location and lack of tourists make it a perfect place for photography and a picnic during your Romanian road trip. Again, one of the most enjoyable aspects of touring this enigmatic nation with our cheap Romania holiday package is choosing the unbeaten path and finding your own undiscovered treasures. Jina was precisely this kind of finding for us!


  1. Moldovița Mountains

Tourists from all over the world are enchanted by Romania's rural landscapes, Saxon villages, fortified churches, and way of life. Although there is great competition among the areas, Moldovița, in the north-east of the nation, may be the finest place to get away for a few days, live like a local, unwind completely, and indulge in traditional cuisine. Moldovița contains only four villages: Argel, Demăcușa, Moldovița, and Rașca, but it is full of stunning mountains, adorable walks, friendly residents, and a sense of the "Land That Time Forgot." Moldovița is the place to go with our travel packages to Rpmania if you want to experience breathtaking landscapes, pristine mountain beauty, and fascinating historic settlements situated in valleys and on verdant hills.


  1. Lake Vidraru Dam

Created in 1965 as a result of the construction of the Vidraru Dam on the Argeş River, which at one point ranked as the ninth-largest dam in the world and the fifth-largest in Europe. As a first-of-its-kind building project in Romania and a monument to the nation's communist history on par with the Transfagarasan Highway or Bucharest's Palace of Parliament, it is difficult to communicate the entire scope of this project today. 40,000 people toiled on it for six years. The communist "Energia" statue, which depicts Prometheus holding lightning in his hand, is still extant today to serve as a reminder of this accomplishment. It may be seen standing watch here. If the local history, artificial beauty, and picnics aren't enough, you may also go swimming, albeit the water is only ever between 5°C and 15°C even in the summer. For those who are more daring, there are also opportunities for small boat excursions and bungee jumping off the 166-metre dam face is all included in our all inclusive holidays to Romania packages!


  1. Letea Forest

Letea Forest was formed in 1938 and is the oldest natural reserve in Romania. It is renowned for its 500-year-old oak trees, wild horses, sand dunes, tropical creeping ivy, and profusion of birds. There is also a modest eatery in a village here that serves delectable trout, with a different vibe from the rivers and islands of the delta. Although it is officially part of the Danube Delta, it deserves to be listed separately on this list of Romania's must-see attractions with our Romania holiday packages!


  1. Danube Delta

There is more to Romania than only steep mountain routes and distinctive churches; among them are nearly incredible natural settings, like the remarkably underappreciated Danube Delta. You can experience this breathtaking beauty of Romania by booking the best deals on our Romania tour packages now! The largest and best-preserved of Europe's deltas is formed by the Danube's waters as they enter the Black Sea. The Danube Delta provides a haven for birds from six major ecoregions of the world, including the Mongolian, Arctic, and Siberian. It is situated on vital migratory routes and offers the necessary circumstances for nesting and hatching.The Delta is home to around 320 different bird species, of which 166 are migratory and 159 are nesting species. Around a million birds winter here. While most foreign visitors go to Transylvania or the beach resort cities south of the Delta, birdwatchers and those who want to see one of Europe's few remaining regions of pure wilderness with our Romania holiday packages, shouldn't neglect the Danube Delta at all!

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